Evaluating Scheduler Performance

Eitan Frachtenberg

Modeling, Algorithms, and Informatics (CCS-3) Group
Computer and Computational Sciences (CCS) Division

A Plethora of Schedulers


Commercial schedulers Linux schedulers Research schedulers
Windows 9x Linux 2.4 [Nieh97]
Windows XP/SE Linux 2.6 O(1) [Goel02]
Solaris/SunOS Con kolivas's patchset [Etsion04]
IRIX Andrew Morton's mm [Snavely00]
Tru64 Ingo Molnar's SRT [Zheng04]
QNX TSSS [Ingram99]
BeOS/ZetaOS RTLinux [Rau99]

Which Scheduler is Better?



The confusion will only grow as commodity architectures and workloads diversify upwards (faster), downwards (portables), and sideways (parallel)

Java phones, desktops, servers, SMTs, SMPs, CMPs, clusters...

SchedMark: Standardizing Scheduler Performance


Challenges and solutions


The Advantages

Where We Are Now


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