References Page

This page demonstrates how you can use Publist's reference mode. You can insert in your page simple PHP commands that look very similar to LaTeX/BibTeX's \cite commands.
For example, adding this command: cite("atikoglu12:worklod") would create a bracketed first reference, like here: [1].
You can then add more cite commands, even with multiple comma-seperated reference keys, like cite("ciren12:websched, xu14:hippos"), which will appear as [2, 3]. If you repeat a previous key like in this example: cite("cirne12:websched,feitelson13:devops , berezecki11:manycore "), publist will use the right citation number, as shown here: [2, 4, 5].

Evenutally, when you wish to show the list of references, you simply call another function, print_refs(), which shows below:


    1. Berk Atikoglu, Yuehai Xu, Eitan Frachtenberg, Song Jiang and Mike Paleczny. Workload Analysis of a Large-Scale Key-Value Store, In 12th ACM/IFIP Joint Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems SIGMETRICS/Performance'12, . Archival version in Performance Evaluation Review vol. 40(1): 53--64.
    2. Walfredo Cirne and Eitan Frachtenberg. Web-Scale Job Scheduling, In Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (7698), .
    3. Yuehai Xu, Eitan Frachtenberg and Song Jiang. Building a High-Performance Key-Value Cache as an Energy-Efficient Appliance, In 32nd International Symposium on Computer Performance, Modeling, Measurements, and Evaluation Performance'14, . Best Student Paper Award. Archival version in Performance Evaluation vol. 79: 24--37.
    4. Dror G. Feitelson, Eitan Frachtenberg and Kent L. Beck. Development and Deployment at Facebook. In IEEE Internet Computing 17 (4) : 8–16,
    5. Mateusz Berezecki, Eitan Frachtenberg, Mike Paleczny and Kenneth Steele. Many-Core Key-Value Store, In Second International Green Computing Conference IGCC'11, .
    List generated automatically with Publist v. 2.0